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The elective outline provides further information on the electives we have on offer. I am sure you will find the matrix on page 2 useful as this shows which semester the electives run, and in which centres.

A pre-requisite of Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) is that you have taken the Global Strategic Management course. For anyone that did not take this course, you will be unable to take ASM. Please also note that The Reflective Manager has had a recent name change to The Practising Manager (TPM). As you have already taken this as a core, you will be unable to take this as an additional elective.

July 2016
We still have availability on the following electives for the July 2016 semester:

Module NameVenueDate FromDate ToTutor
Business to BusinessChina08/09/201610/09/2016Pete Naude
Commercial Contract ManagementDubai20/09/201622/09/2016David Lowe
Commercial Contract ManagementDubai24/09/201626/09/2016David Lowe
Comparative BusinessChina25/09/201627/09/2016Andrew Tylecote
Entrepeneurship & Innovation ManagementBrazil10/09/201612/09/2016Oswaldo Lorenzo
Entrepeneurship & Innovation ManagementHong Kong20/10/201622/10/2016Leigh Wharton
Investment & Portfolio ManagementChina04/09/201606/09/2016Sunil Poshakwale
Investment & Portfolio ManagementDubai17/09/201619/09/2016Nick Collett
Negotiation SkillsManchester04/09/201606/09/2016Malcolm Smith or Steve Brookes
Risk ManagementBrazil16/09/201618/09/2016Tony Merna
Risk ManagementDubai24/09/201626/09/2016Tony Merna
Risk ManagementManchester01/09/201603/09/2016Tony Merna
Supply Chain ManagementChina22/09/201624/09/2016Antony Potter
Supply Chain ManagementManchester07/09/201609/09/2016Antony Potter
Sustainable BusinessManchester07/09/201609/09/2016Josephine Mylan

In addition, we would also like to give you the option of studying a core on the Global Programme – Managerial Economics. This may be of particular interest to anyone that enjoyed the Economics of Strategy course. This option is only available for the July 2016 semester and the available workshop dates for this course are:

Module NameVenueDate FromDate ToTutor
Managerial EconomicsDubai17/09/201619/09/2016Paddy McNutt
Managerial EconomicsDubai20/09/201622/09/2016Paddy McNutt
Managerial EconomicsDubai24/09/201626/09/2016Paddy McNutt
Managerial EconomicsSingapore01/09/201603/09/2016Paul Patton
Managerial EconomicsSingapore04/09/201606/09/2016Paul Patton

These courses will go live on Blackboard on 4th July, with the semester ending on 31st December 2016. If you would be interested in studying any of these courses in the July 2016 semester, then please get in touch with Emily Marner ( asap, who will be able to make the necessary arrangements. Please note workshop availability is subject to change, so the sooner you get in touch the more likely we will be able to reserve a place for you.

In addition to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Risk Management electives, the Brazil centre will also be holding a ‘Brazil Economy and Business in Practice tour’ from 13th – 15th September which you are also welcome to register for. Further information about this tour can be found here.

January 2017, July 2017 and January 2018
There are some key dates to be aware of if you would like to take an elective in any of the above semesters:


Final date to confirm selection(cancellations not permitted after this date)

January 201731st August 2016
July 201728th February 2017
January 201831st August 2017

The exact dates of the workshops are currently not available. For January semesters, these are normally made available in August and for July semesters in the preceding January.

For the January 2017 semester, we do have block dates available for the Brazil, Dubai and UK centres. The electives will all be scheduled within this period:

Brazil: 9-17th March

Dubai: 25th March-6th April

UK: 31st March – 11th April

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