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China Centre Career Development Series: alumni visit to Kunshan

On 2nd December a group of alumni, keen in learning more about innovation and starting up their own companies, visited Kunshan.



As part of the China Centre career development series, this alumni visit was organized by the University of Manchester China Centre and SORSA University of Manchester Alumni Association.


Director Xie of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government, welcomed the UoM alumni delegation back to the SORSA Kunshan Innovation and Start-up Base and introduced it by illustrating the advantages of the base in terms of providing favoring policy and friendly environment for start-ups.



Talks were delivered by active GMBA alumni Mr. Allen Mao, AMBS Jan 2013 intake GMBA alumnus, founder of UoM China Centre alumni continue study club and co-partner of a start-up company, on ‘Useful thinking model for entrepreneurs’.


Alumni from various industries, including legal, business and finance, industrial construction, electronics technology also shared their own experiences and learned from each other.


The group then visited Duke Kunshan university and heard from President Chang on innovative approaches and practices of Sino-Foreign cooperation in running schools.



Representation from East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai university took part in the visit and engaged in heated discussion and the Chinese saying of ‘If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime’.


China Centre Beijing Alumni 2018 Xmas Gathering and CSR Talk


On 9th December the University of Manchester China Centre Beijing Alumni Christmas Gathering and Year-End CSR Talk took place in Beijing.


2018 marks the 10th anniversary of University of Manchester China Centre. Over the past 10 years, the China Centre has supported over 1,300 ambitious global MBA business elites.


Ms. Sherry Fu shared with alumni recent developments of University of Manchester Worldwide: to lead the digital revolution for Higher Education.


Two speakers shared their journey in charity and NGO. Alumni speaker Mr. Joseph Du , Global MBA alumnus and China Country Manager at the Institution of Engineering and Technology shared his take-away from years of charity experience on how to enjoy charity in the balance of professional work and personal passion.


Invited guest speaker Ms. Funa Li , President of ABC (A Better Community) who holds a Master’s degree of Public Administration from Columbia University delivered the speech ‘Strategy from the mind, Impact from the heart’ to share her experience on how skilled-based volunteers contribute to capacity building for NGOs.


The Xmas party continued with festive music, canapés, drinks, gift exchanging activity-secret santa.



China Centre Alumni Kids Club Event: Stem Workshop Magic Architecture

In the afternoon of December 16th, the University of Manchester China Centre Alumni Kids Club, together with “Super Science for Kids”, brought a fantastic STEM workshop to the UOM kids: The Magic of Architecture.


The workshop was mainly presented by Sam, who majored in Electronic Engineering and graduated from University of London in.



Sam started with a series of questions about “Symbol”: what is symbol? What do different symbols mean? What are symbols of different cultures?


Then the kids were required to design their own symbols, and some of them came to the stage to present the symbols he/she designed.


After that, Sam introduced a typical architecture of Native Americans: TeePee, and the kids were required to design and make a paper TeePee using paper cards and sticks, which asks for kids’ knowledge and ability on material, structure and visual art. And all the kids worked on their own “masterpiece”: painting, coloring, cutting….with full attention. When they finished, some of them presented their work to the audience, and received big rounds of applause.


The workshop was taught in a completely hands-on style with theory, designed to be both fun and educational. Through the workshop, the children opened the door of architectural art, explored the basic knowledge of architecture, and learnt the basic application of visualization skill in architecture.