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Career Development Webinars

Register for the following online events to attend live and ask questions, as well as to receive the recording after the webinar. 

1. Introduction to your Careers Service and your place in the job market: 6 February 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

We’ll share how we will support your career development and contextualise how your MBA can accelerate your progression (internal or external). Register here.


2. Evaluate Your Skill-Set: 20 February 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

Objective: Critique your skill-set objectively by analysing your role in larger scale projects, completing reputable self-assessment tools and 360 feedback. This will provide a tangible evidence base for re-assessing your career direction and lead into defining your ‘Value Proposition’ (as covered in ‘A Strategy For Your Job Search’ webinar). Register here.   


3. A Strategy For Your Job Search: 6 March 2019, 10-11am (GMT)
Objective: Define your value proposition for the job market, clarify your ambition(s) and identify target companies (and roles). This will ensure a robust foundation for proactively executing your job search through networking and other techniques (as covered in separate webinars). Register here

4. Personal Brand and Elevator Pitch: 20 March 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

Objective: Understand the importance of applying ‘storytelling’ techniques through your job search, focusing on crafting an Elevator Pitch that maximises the impact you make when networking, interviewing or meeting new colleagues/clients. Register here


5. LinkedIn Profile: 3 April 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

Objective: Ensure your LinkedIn profile and activity supports your market positioning and visibility. Make the best impression to your existing and potential contacts, and improve your chances of being approached by recruiters/head-hunters. Register here


6. Networking: 17 April 2019, 10-11am (GMT)
Objective: Create a multi-layered approach to networking by establishing new connections and reinvigorating relationships to raise your understanding of and visibility in your target market. Learn what to do when faced with the most common networking challenges. Register here

7. Developing your CV: 1 May 2019, 10-11am (GMT)
Objective: Discover the purpose of a ‘master CV’ as a foundation for your application CV and how to demonstrate competencies, utilise active wording, tailor for particular roles, and avoiding some of the common mistakes. Register here

8. Writing a Cover Letter: 15 May 2019, 10-11am (GMT)
Objective: Write a strong cover letter based on market/company research, and your tailored and well-articulated value proposition, combined in a three-step structure. Register here

9. Performing well at interviews: 29 May 2019, 10-11am (GMT)
Objective: Learn the differences between the main interview styles, how to prepare accordingly, the STAR/CAR structure to demonstrate competencies, and face a few example questions. Register here


10. Progress in your organisation: 12 June 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

Objective: Refresh your internal personal brand to position yourself appropriately for greater internal visibility to the decision makers, whether you are seeking promotion or want to take your career in a new direction. Register here.


11. Offer Negotiation: 26 June 2019, 10-11am (GMT)

Objective: Negotiate your job offer more effectively by understanding your market value to devise and articulate your case at the right time. Register here.